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Plants vs Zombies Adventures- List of Known Bugs and Issues

Written By admin on Wednesday, 29 May 2013 | 03:25

Why my plants growing time on Plants vs Zombies Adventures is very long compared to my friends? Have you can experience the same situations on your game? 10 hours to grow the cherry bomb is just too long.

Here's Plants vs Zombies Adventures- List of Known Bugs and Issues. You may notice that your plant growth timers just like in my case, maximum number of plants, and a few other numbers are different than your friends'. According to PVZA team this is intentional and not a bug; the design team is running a few tests to find the best balance and will normalize these numbers once the tests are complete.

I just discovered that my friend has a max capacity of 15 plants to grow while I have max capacity of 25 plants to grow. But his plants growth time are significantly faster than mine. He can grow walnut for an hour while I grow it for 2 hours, cherry bombs for 6 hours while I grow it for 10 hours, and beet for 4 hours while I grow it for 8 hours.

Meanwhile one player has this plant growing time: 1 min peashooter, 2 min sunflower, 10 min aspearagus, 1 hour walnuts, 2 hour snow pea, 4 hour beets and magnets, 6 hour cherry bomb and JalapeƱo. and 14 plots after beating Sweaty Palms(was 12 before that), with a max of 15 plants each.

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According to Plants vs. Zombies Adventure Team, this is a list of known issues that they are working on fixing. You do not need to report these bugs on the forum they specifically open a thread to gather more information.
  • Sometimes during or at the end of combat, a pop-up forces you to reload. After reloading, the game counts the battle as lost.
  • Sometimes during a zombie invasion of your town, the countdown finishes but nothing happens. After you refresh, your building will take damage as if you had lost.
  • Sometimes plants may become stuck in the planter box. For a workaround, read this post.
  • Sometimes your buildings may not load in. Refreshing your browser will fix this.
  • For some players, the message button is not working.
  • For some players, none of the tabs at the top of the game are working.
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