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Plants vs Zombies Adventure 'unlucky lot' completed

Written By admin on Monday, 16 September 2013 | 23:30

Plants vs Zombies Adventure 'unlucky lot' completed when? That is the big question when will Popcap and Electronic Arts is going to open the next episode in Plants vs Zombies Adventures.

Meanwhile, here are some tips on How to win on the Road Trip:

REPEATER: good as a starting plant for road trip for of fast coverage of maps with multiple paths because of only 100 suns are needed each. So consider using repeaters as a start for maps where shamrocks failed.

BAMBOO SHOOT: not good as a starting plant because of 175 suns required. Recommend to use it only if you have at least 4 Sunflowers (or 2 twin-sunflowers) planted. Bamboo Shoot is good for maps which have paths coming close together (i.e. you can use about 2 Bamboo shoots to cover the whole map or with boost). Excellent for maps with multiple waves of large zombie armies. FREEZE ALL ZOMBIES AT THE SAME SPOT where the Bamboo Shoot can attack them at the same time. Otherwise it is not necessary to use Bamboo Shoot. (Note that the fire from Bamboo Shoot take longer time to hit a target than other plants. It is not so effective to stop fast moving zombies from advancing. You need to freeze zombies or have wall-nuts to help.)

Meanwhile, watch the V.I.P. Plants in action during our gameplay.
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