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Watch_Dogs 6 Wild Things To Do In The City

Written By admin on Wednesday, 4 June 2014 | 01:03

Playing Watch_Dogs? Check out our 6 Wild Things To Do In The City. Did we miss anything?

1) Hacking traffic lights on a busy road

Changing a red light to green at a busy three-way junction.


Several cars plough into each other, and one particularly unfortunate driver gets her vehicle smashed by two cars, one of which speeds off. The poor lady gets out of her car to survey the damage, screaming in frustration, while others watch the accident at a distance and take pictures with their smartphones. Helpful chaps. 

2) Escaping the police

Darting through the bushes, we desperately avoid the line of sight of the cops. They know our vigilante, Aiden, is in the area, but they don't know where. So by using the radar (and listening for sirens) he avoids people and open spaces. We find a car that's tucked away in a car park, get Aiden to smash the window and hotwire it. While speeding away, we hack traffic lights to cause some chaos and aid Aiden's escape.

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