Garden Warfare Humble Bundle 2

Written By admin on Tuesday, 28 April 2015 | 00:03

Humble Origin Bundle 2

An origin story where you're the superhero. Thanks to Electronic Arts and Origin forgoing profits from this bundle, all of the proceeds that would ordinarily go to them are instead going to charity. This means you can help out some amazing charities by simply buying games! Pay what you want for Dragon Age™: Origins, Peggle™, Dead Space™ 2, Command & Conquer™ Generals + Zero Hour, and Medal of Honor Allied Assault™ War Chest. Pay more than the average to get all of that plus Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare, Dragon Age™ II, Bejeweled™ 3, Mass Effect™ 2, Wing Commander 3™: Heart of the Tiger, Wing Commander™ IV: The Price of Freedom, SimCity 2000™ Special Edition, and Ultima VII The Complete Edition.

Pay what you want. At retail, these games add up to $155, but here at Humble Bundle, you pay what you want!

Play on Origin. All of these games are available on Origin for Windows. Dragon Age™ 2 is also available on Origin for Mac. Bejeweled® 3 is also available on Steam for Mac. Select titles can be redeemed on both Origin and Steam. Pay $1 or more for access to Origin and Steam keys. Please check out the full system requirements here prior to purchasing. Origin games will be delivered as one packaged key. Steam games will be delivered individually.

Support charity. Choose where the money you pay us goes -- between three charitable causes (The V Foundation, Girls Who Code, and buildOn) via the PayPal Giving Fund. For details on how this works, click here. If you like this bundle or like what we do, you can leave us a Humble Tip too.
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