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Reflector 2 New Features

Written By admin on Wednesday, 15 April 2015 | 16:09

An all-new version of Reflector is here! Reflector 2 is packed full of improvements and new features. It's the only application you'll need to share your iPhone, Chromebook or Android device screen. Enjoy Google Cast support, voice-over recording, improved device management, a mobile companion application, a new UI and more! Reflector 2 builds on an already incredibly helpful tool and adds features you’ll use every day—at work and at home.

Reflector is a wireless mirroring and streaming receiver that allows you to connect almost any combination of devices to your computer at the same time. Each device mirrors in real time, and the layout automatically adjusts when new devices connect. Compare, compete or collaborate—Reflector presents and organizes multiple devices of any type with ease.

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Android screen mirroring is here. Reflector is the first and only Google Cast™ receiver that receives Cast-enabled Android phones and tablets at the same time as iPhone and iPads. Most Android devices support Google Cast natively, but those that don’t can still mirror. The addition of the free Google Chromecast application enables Android screen mirroring on most phones and tablets.


The Reflector 2 control center allows easy management of connected devices. Change frames, emphasize, hide or show devices all from one central location. The control center makes it easy for you to focus on what's important.

When multiple devices are connected, Reflector automatically chooses a layout that makes sense. Intelligent layouts minimize distractions and put emphasis on the screens being mirrored.


Bring attention to the screen that matters most. Spotlight one screen when multiple devices are connected, and easily switch between which device is emphasized.


Choose device frames to make your mirrored screen look like your real device, or choose a different frame to test a new look. Using frames creates a polished and professional appearance.


Connected devices don’t need to be shown all the time. Easily hide a device without disconnecting it, and then show it again later without the need to reconnect the device.


Enable fullscreen mode to eliminate distractions from other applications or desktop items. Choose background colors or images to go along with mirrored screens.
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