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How to post and delete a Tweet on Twitter

Written By admin on Saturday, 20 June 2015 | 03:31

Twitter Tutorial- How to post and delete a Tweet?

To post a Tweet:
  1. Tap the compose Tweet icon  in the top menu on the right.
  2. Compose your 140-character message and tap Tweet.
  3. The Tweet will be successfully posted to your profile.
Pro tip: Have a Tweet in progress you’re not ready to post? Tap the X in the Tweet composer box and select Save draft. Access it (and other drafts) later by tapping the draft icon  in the bottom menu of the Tweet composer.
    To @reply or mention a user:
    1. Tap the @ symbol to bring up a list of suggested accounts you follow.
    2. As you start typing a username the list will narrow down to fewer results.
    3. Once you've found the user you're looking for, tap their username and it will be populated in the Tweet and your character count will be adjusted as needed.
      Learn more about the difference @replies and mentions here.
      To include a hashtag in your Tweet:
      1. Tap the # symbol and a list of current Trends will appear.
      2. You can choose to include one of these suggested hashtags (tap to select) or add your own hashtag text.
      To post a photo with your Tweet:
      You can take a photo in the moment or choose an existing image from your phone's gallery.
      1. To take a photo, tap the camera icon when you are composing a Tweet. To choose an existing image from your phone's gallery, tap the landscape icon.
      2. Once you have taken or selected your photo, you will have the option to apply a filter and crop the image.
      3. When you are finished, select Done; the photo will be attached to the Tweet. You can select up to four photos for a single Tweet.
      4. You can tag people in your photo(s) by tapping Who’s in this photo? Type in the full name or @ username and then tap Done.
      5. Tip: For more information about tweeting photos, including instructions for changing your photo tagging privacy settings, click here.
      To tweet with your location:
      • Tap the location icon to add your location to your Tweet.
      • To learn more about using the location feature on your mobile device, click here.
      To include a URL in a tweet:
      • Links are automatically shortened using Twitter's own t.co service (read more about this here).
      • Simply copy/paste a URL link from your mobile browser or start typing a link with http:// and the character counter will automatically deduct 20 characters no matter how long the original link is.
      To delete a Tweet:
      1. Tap the Tweet you'd like to delete. Note: you can only delete your own Tweets.
      2. Tap the More icon (•••) at the bottom of the Tweet.
      3. From the menu that pops up, tap Delete Tweet.
      4. The Tweet will be successfully removed from your profile.
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