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Alfred 2.7.1 now with bonus feature- Search & sort your URL History

Written By admin on Monday, 20 July 2015 | 00:33

Alfred 2.7.1 Released for iMac: A quick fix and a bonus feature tutorial.

Bonus feature: Search & sort your URL History

Did you know that Alfred can remember the URLs you’ve pasted in, for easy access later? You can enable this feature in Alfred’s preferences under Features > Web Search > URLs / History.

While this feature has existed for a long time, we’ve sneaked in a super useful improvement in this release; You can now search and sort your URL history, making it even easier to locate websites you previously opened via Alfred to make it easier to remove results.

To search, use the search box to filter down your results. To sort, click on the URL or Last Accessed column header to re-organise the results.

Once you’ve found the URL you want, select it and hit backspace to remove a single URL, or press the minus symbol that will appear in the bottom right.

New features for Alfred Remote

You can now easily dispatch key combos from your Remote. For example, create a Remote action for global actions like Hide and Minimise so that you no longer have to remember the hotkeys.
Even better, if you use specialist software with complicated or awkward key combos, you can create a whole page for this app’s hotkeys!

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