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Become the next Hoop Gawd in NBA LIVE 16!

Written By admin on Monday, 17 August 2015 | 07:05

NBA Live 16 features Player Customization on Another Level. NBA LIVE 16 allows self-expression on and off the court – both in how your player looks and how he plays.

When you create your player, the first thing you’ll do is select a position. Do you want to be a fast and agile guard or a strong power forward? Choose the position that best fits how you like to play. Next, you’ll choose a playstyle. This will determine what your key skills are off the bat. While your position is locked, your playstyle can be changed based on which skills you decide to invest in. Also, make sure pay attention to your height and weight – as they will determine your physical abilities and limitations. Don’t expect to see any 7-foot speedsters on the Pro-Am.

In NBA LIVE 16 you are rewarded with Skill Points (SP) which you can spend to improve your player’s ratings. There’s nothing more satisfying than working to improve your player’s abilities on the hardwood. You’ll receive SP at the end of games in Rising Star, LIVE Run and Summer Circuit. Talent has to be earned, and so do Skill Points. The better you play and perform, the more you earn.

NBA LIVE 16 also features an all-new Skills Progression system in which you unlock special ‘perks’ as you level up your ratings. These perks include exclusive gear, custom animation packages and more. Work to improve your player in six categories – Shooting, Finishing, Defense, Rebounding, Playmaking and Physical – each with its own specific skill set.

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