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OS X Yosemite Force Touch- How it Works

Written By admin on Wednesday, 26 August 2015 | 22:22

With OS X Yosemite Go way beyond a click with Force Touch. 

The Force Touch trackpad on the new MacBook and MacBook Pro with Retina display adds a whole new dimension to interacting with your Mac. With Force Touch, the trackpad now detects variations in downward pressure and reacts accordingly. When you add a little more pressure to a click — a gesture called a force click — you can reveal the definition of a word or look it up on Wikipedia. When you force click an address, a map will pop up. And when you force click a date, you can quickly add a new event in Calendar. You can also use your trackpad as an accelerator to fast-forward through a QuickTime movie at varying speeds based on how hard you press. In addition, the Force Touch trackpad responds with haptic feedback when you do certain things, like aligning annotations on a PDF, which allows you not just to see what’s happening on screen, but to feel it.

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