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Watch How the Lexus NX ice wheels were made

Written By admin on Saturday, 26 December 2015 | 19:48

Lexus on Ice: How the Lexus NX ice wheels were made?

Driving on ice is usually avoided at all costs, but for our latest project inspired by Lexus' Creating Amazing ethos, we took the concept and turn it around - what if the tyres were ice, rather than the road surface?

With winter fast approaching, the wheels were put in motion to create a unique, one-off Lexus NX hybrid in a collaboration between Lexus UK and the expert sculptors at Hamilton Ice Sculptors. The aim was to create, not only an amazing piece of art, but push the boundaries of engineering to do something that had never been attempted before.


Just as every Lexus vehicle benefits from the presence and influence of Lexus' highly-skilled 'Takumi' craftsmen, the ice-tyre NX would require similar levels of skill and attention to detail to achieve the perfect end result, while simultaneously employing modern, cutting-edge techniques to ensure consistency, quality and reliability.
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