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Toca Boca has wowed us again!

Written By admin on Friday, 1 January 2016 | 22:09

Toca Boca has wowed us again! This time with an adorable, magical world-builder.

This app is fantastic!! I would say that it's was worth the 4 dollars, It hits home with fun and provides and outlet for curiosity and boredom.

I think users should be able to create their own characters. Perhaps there could be like a studio in which you use some blocks to change your characters clothes and abilities! I also think it'd be nice to make your own furniture and design your own plants. Then there could be a community online or something that people could share their creations and maybe there could be like recipes that you could use to make the same creation. These are just thoughts though. It's still a brilliant game! I love it and I plan on playing it for a while!

Toca Blocks is a unique world-building app that lets you create and explore the worlds you imagine. Pay once & play forever. No in-app purchases!

Build worlds, tree houses, obstacle courses, spaceships and more! Make ponds, floating islands, gardens or even a train! Fill your world with toilets, chairs, kettles and doors. Try out new block combinations that create new things! The blocks will surprise you over and over again.

Meet the heroes and set out on an adventure. With different abilities like climbing, flying and smashing, they will help you explore the properties of the blocks and discover the world you’ve built. How will you use their superpowers?

Explore the blocks’ abilities by merging the blocks together and watch them transform into something else. Learn their characteristics — some are bouncy, some are sticky, some turn into teapots, turds or other surprises! Change their color and pattern to give your creation that magical feel. The more you discover about the blocks, the more inspiration for your creations you will find!
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