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Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championships Schedule

Written By admin on Saturday, 13 February 2016 | 03:19

Excited for the Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championships? Check the schedule & locations now.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championship is a way for Official Tournament Stores (OTS) to provide Duelists with a Store level Championship which offers Duelists the opportunity to earn invites to the World Championship Qualifier at one of our OTS. Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championship tournaments are held simultaneously throughout North and Latin America.

OTS Championship
United States & Canada FAQs & Information | Locations
Latin America FAQs & Information | Locations

In Effect as of February 27th, 2016


What is a Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championship?
Where and when are the Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championships?
What is the attendance capacity for the Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championship?
How much does it cost to enter a Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championship?
What are the prizes for Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championships?
How many Duelists will earn invites at a Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championship?
What is the format for Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championship tournaments?
Can I get a COSSY ID number at the Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championship tournament, or will I need to have one before I attend the event?
Will I need to complete and turn in a Deck List?
What cards are legal for play?
Can I use OCG cards in my Deck?
Can I use foreign language cards in my Deck?

What will I need to bring to a Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championship tournament?
Are there any items I am not allowed to bring to the tournament?
What if I lost an item at a Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championship tournament?
What will I need to bring in order to register for the tournament?
If I’ve never been to a Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championship tournament, what should I expect?
I want to judge at a Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championship, instead of competing as a Duelist – how can I volunteer?
Whom should I contact for more information about a specific Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championship?

Will the OTS Championship award any Ultimate Duelist Series (UDS) Points?
How long will the Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championship tournament last?
What happens if I am not done with my Match after 40 minutes? (Swiss Rounds – Tier 2 Events)
What happens if I am not done with my Match after 40 minutes? (Single-Elimination)
Can I buy and sell cards from other participants at the event?
I would like to provide feedback to KDE concerning the Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championship I attended, who should I contact?

Do I have to qualify in my own country?
Will Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championship invites “pass down” if someone who has already earned an invite earns another one?
How and when will I receive my invite?
Is travel or hotel included with my invite?

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