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No Man's Sky explore a frozen planet

Written By admin on Friday, 11 March 2016 | 22:19

Surviving a cold universe in No Man's Sky. We explore a frozen planet in our first hands-on preview. No Man’s Sky is built on this concept of absolute freedom, but the team at Hello Games want you to feel the constant challenge of survival as you journey between stars.

According to the developer ,"The planet I explored during my first play session with No Man’s Sky was one of extreme cold. Wade out into the wilderness for too long and your suit’s protections fail, your health slowly dropping until a black screen announces your untimely demise."

Surviving on a planet such as this means finding shelter. Craft explosive bolts to burrow underground and you might stumble upon a network of caves to scour for resources. Or gain entry to alien pods that offer a temporary reprieve from the unrelenting wind. These structures provide a safe space for much-needed crafting, where your suit, ship, and weapon can be augmented and improved with materials from an actual periodic table of in-game elements. These elements define the universe of No Man’s Sky and can be excavated from plant life, mineral deposits, and discarded supply containers half buried in the snow.
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