ESL One Clash Royale Tournament

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First of all you need to know that there are no commitments for joining a Ladder. If you are in the Ladder, you are not forced to play a match, but that's what the Ladder is for. Everyone in a Ladder wants to play actively against other teams and sometimes it matters who you are playing against, but sometimes it doesn't. In our Ladders there are three different ways to find an opponent and all of them have advantages depending on what you are looking for or how fast you need a match.

In a ladder, any participant may challenge another. The challenge may be refused by the challenged if they choose. In ladders with more than 20 participants compulsory challenges are activated. If a participant is within 20 places above the challenging participants the refusal will be punished with one penalty point. If both participants are in the top 10 then the refusal will be punished with 2 penalty points.

A challenging participant from the newcomer pool (unranked) is considered as being at the bottom of the ladder, therefore the 20 participants ranked last in the ladder would be punished for rejecting a challenge.

Participants that have more than 5 outstanding challenges in a ladder, no matter if the matches are confirmed or not, may not take on any further challenges. This is scripted into the ESL system and cannot be changed.

Quick Rules

How to play Tournament Settings
  • Match type: 1v1
  • Match time: 3 minutes
  • Mode: Best of 3
Game Restrictions
  • King level cap: 8
  • Common card level cap: 8
  • Rare card level cap: 6
  • Epic card level cap: 3
  • Legendary card level cap: 1
  • Overtime length: 3 minutes
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